Why I Appreciate the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Posted: July 16, 2002

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Much has been said lately about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision deeming the Pledge of Allegiance to be unconstitutional because it contains the words, “one nation under God.”  I’d actually like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to that esteemed board of judicial nitwits.  Their decree, based not on law, but on humanist bias, has done more to galvanize and motivate Christians in this country than anything else in recent years. 

For the past century, the United States has seen the slow, steady decline of a Christian worldview in public forums.  From the replacement of creationism with evolution, to a ban on school prayer, to the most recent 9th Circuit embarrassment, Christians have steadily lost their collective voice on issues serving the public interest.  The American Civil Liberties Union, the humanist National Education Association, and the pro-homosexual lobby are working daily to replace America’s Judeo-Christian value system with their own system based on moral relativity and a lack of ethics and accountability. 

For whatever reason, Christians have remained largely silent throughout this process.  A few, lonely voices will rise in defense of the faith from time to time, but the Christian church as a whole has quietly allowed itself to become marginalized in an evermore humanist society.  The enemies of Christianity use labels such as “divisive,” “intolerant,” “fundamentalist,” and “extremist” to keep believers silenced.  Those few who have spoken out have been smeared for their worldview, and the rest of us slunk off into our church sanctuaries and homes like whipped puppies with our tails between our legs.  I watched Reverend Jerry Falwell being interviewed on the Fox News Channel a few weeks ago.  The interviewer, barely able to conceal his anti-Christian bias, asked Rev. Falwell if those who do not accept Jesus Christ as savior are going to hell.  I respect Rev. Falwell, and anxiously awaited his response.  Unfortunately, he succumbed to some form of shame, embarrassment, or fear, and dodged the question.  He missed his opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with millions of viewers.  I’m not picking on Falwell.  We’ve all been far too quiet for too long.  That is, until the 9th Circuit issued its ill-contrived decree. 

Within minutes of the justices rendering their decision, the nation learned about it through television, radio, and internet media alerts.  Only minutes thereafter, politicians, pundits, and religious leaders were issuing statements condemning the decision.  Christians across the country began expressing righteous moral outrage.  In fact, most of the population that hold to Judeo-Christian values started to speak up and speak out.  Such was the outpouring of emotion on this issue, pollsters went to work quantifying the public opinion.  Polls conducted in the initial days showed that up to 90% of Americans disagreed with the 9th Circuit’s judgment!  Petitions were started to gain signatures in support of the pledge.  Congress passed symbolic legislation decrying the atrocity.  Christians from Florida to Alaska, and from Maine to California were uniting to defend their faith against this attack from left field.   

While the decision was modified shortly thereafter, the 9th circuit woke Christians in the United States from their slumber.  A sleeping giant began to rise and stretch.  Christians are beginning to realize they can no longer afford to huddle in the dark corners of society.  We must not let our guard down again.  So I have to thank the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Thank you for reminding Christians that we do indeed have a voice.  You’ll be hearing this voice a lot more, as we fight to restore this country to what it used to be – one nation, under GOD!


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