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What the Bible Says About Judging - 01/19/2009
When we cover false religions and beliefs – when we even label a belief as false – are we guilty of violating Jesus’ directive to not judge others? Or is there a greater context that is missing?

Let No One Deceive Us - 06/18/2005
Often ignorant of Scripture and history, many Christians are deceived by the eloquent arguments of heretics. Our churches must stop failing to teach and equip the saints, and we must not neglect our own responsibility to learn true doctrine and defend our faith.

2004 Year End: Fighting the Grinch, But More Work Ahead - 12/24/2004
Contender Ministries examines the problems facing Christianity today, and contends we must face them with the same vigor with which we are fighting off secularism.

Do Not Be A Stumbling Block - 08/15/2004
Whether the issue is Bible translations, water baptism, or the rapture, some points of contention are made into swords of division that lay waste to congregations, run roughshod over the faith of new believers, and chase unbelievers in the wrong direction. Of course we agree that there are doctrinal issues upon which we make a stand, but there’s a line between apologetics and needlessly divisive arguments.

What the Bible says about Homosexuality - 11/24/2003
With the schism in the Anglican communion, the Constitutional amendment in the United States to define marriage as between a man and a woman, and in light of various ‘human rights’ laws around the world that vilify those who speak against homosexuality, more Christians are asking what the Christian position towards homosexuality should be. While only a tiny percentage of people are homosexual, the gay lifestyle is becoming mainstream – at least in some circles and in the media. Let’s examine what the Bible says about homosexuality, and clear up a few myths in the process.

Bring Down the Walls of Jericho - 10/20/2003
By and large, Christians have quietly acquiesced to the erosion of our freedoms, and turned the other cheek to the vitriolic attacks on our “quaint, outdated” beliefs.  Are Christians really such a fringe-element of society, as the mainstream media would portray?  Should we do anything to defend our faith and freedoms, or should we simply “turn the other cheek?”  And if we choose to make a stand, can we really make a difference?

Maintaining Our Christian Calibration - 03/23/2003
When it comes to sharing the gospel, we Christians must be more precise tools than my crude Black & Decker jigsaw. In order to maintain our precision, it is important to stay calibrated to our primary standard – the Word of God. We cannot contend for the faith if we are not strong in that faith.

John’s 21st Century Epistle to the Skeptics - 11/06/2002
The following letter is a work of fiction, but like many stories, is not entirely devoid of facts or truth. Drawing from actual events in the gospels, we have developed the following as what the Apostle John might say to skeptics in the world today.

The Awesome Power of Prayer - 10/05/2002
I wonder why it sometimes takes us so long to remember to turn to God in prayer. Prayer is the most powerful tool God has given us. Think about it for a moment. Almighty God, Creator of the universe, Master of all life, Controller of all natural and physical laws, the omnipotent Lord who was, and is, and is to come, has an open-door policy, and actually invites us to talk with Him.

May All Gods People Rejoice - 08/20/2002
Christians are now the most persecuted religious group in the world. False prophets, cults, and secular humanists are doing their best to defeat the followers of Almighty God. Reading the daily news can often make one despair. It is important to remember that our hope does not rest on or in the things of this world. God is still in control, and our futures are sealed with Him for eternity.

An Interview with Satan, the father of lies - 06/10/2002
This is a fictitious interview with Satan, the father of lies. While this article is written from an entertaining perspective, the subject matter is as serious as you can get.

Peter Speaks to the Contenders - 04/07/2002
Within the span of three days, I was ridiculed for wearing a cross pendant, my sister-in-law was scorned for standing up for her faith, and her husband made a stand for his faith at work. It is getting less and less popular to be a Christian today. Many in this world view Christians as old fashioned, intolerant, and divisive.