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Raw Data - Delve Deeper into the Oil for Food Program


Fox News

Friday, September 17, 2004

To dig deeper into the United Nations' role leading up to the 2003 war with Iraq as well as into the U.N. Oil-for-Food program, check out the material below:

Defense Contract Audit Agency; Sept. 12. 2003 (pdf).

General Accountability Office congressional testimony; April 7, 2004 (pdf).

Sept. 11 Commission Report; 2004 (pdf).

FOX News/Opinion Dynamics polling; 2004.

Paul Conlon book excerpt; from "United Nations Sanctions Management."

U.N. audit of Cotecna; April, 2003 (pdf).

'Lid Off Oil-for-Food Scam'; Claudia Rosett writing for FOX Fan Central.

Claudia Rosett congressional testimony; April 21, 2004.

'An Oil-for-Food Connection?'; Claudia Rosett writing in the Weekly Standard.

'Oil-for-Terror?'; Claudia Rosett writing in National Review Online.

'Kojo & Kofi'; Claudia Rosett writing in National Review Online.



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